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eTcl 1.0.1 - Tcl/Tk 8.5.6 core
2009-01-06 - 23:19
Another release of eTcl, the universal, install-free Tcl runtime engine, is available for download. Version 1.0.1 updates Tcl/Tk core to 8.5.6 and sqlite to 3.6.7. An argument parsing issue, which could cause version 1.0.0 to fail launching eTcl kits (.etk files) from command line or double-click, has been fixed. Binaries are provided for Mac OS X, Win32, Windows Mobile and several Linux architectures including x86, x86_64, mipsel, powerpc, arm and now also arm-eabi, which allows installation as native application on Android platform.
eTcl 1.0.0 (final) is out!
2008-12-18 - 03:20
After two years of development and code stabilization, and a long release candidates period, Evolane is pround to announce eTcl 1.0.0, the first official release of its cross-platform Tcl/Tk runtime engine. This release has been made possible thanks to feedbacks and comments from large community of users, all of them contributing in making eTcl a robust, innovative and widely used distribution. From last release candidate, minor bugs have been fixed (a race condition in Win32/WinCE driver of Evodio sound package has been fixed, and GPS access in wce packages has been consolidated). Binaries for Mac OS X, Win32, Windows Mobile and Linux (x86, x86_64, arm, mipsel and powerpc) are all freely available to be put under your Christmas tree. Enjoy!
eTcl kit for Coccinella 0.96.10
2008-12-04 - 23:55
eTcl kit for Coccinella kit has been updated, based on version 0.96.10. Kit is available for download from eTcl applications.

eTcl - Simplicity for efficiency

Evolane maintains and distributes eTcl, a flexible, light-weight runtime environment, available for Linux, Windows, MacOSX and now Windows Mobile (PocketPC and Smartphone, edition 2003, 2003SE, 5.x and 6.x). eTcl brings the power, productivity and flexibility of the Tcl programming language to desktop and mobile platforms. Thanks to eTcl, developping cross-platform applications has never been so easy.

eTcl provides the abstraction level to allow you to focus on your code, not on the underlying operating system specificities. Sockets, menus, high-level widgets, powerful theme engine, image handling are just bricks you can plug together to build complex and cross-platform applications in less lines of code. eTcl enable rapid application development and prototyping for mobile devices.

eTcl is made available for free, so don't hesite to visit our eTcl support page to learn more about it and try it.

About Evolane
Tcl/TkEvolane is a small service company, based in France, but offering its services worlwide. Evolane's main activity consists in providing tools and services for embedded systems and dynamic languages. Dynamic language, and especially our light and portable eTcl engine, is ideally suited to offer flexibility and rapid development of components for embedded systems.
Evolane activity focuses on providing extensive support and customization for our products (e.g. eTcl engine for Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian and iPhone, and embedded Linux systems). Evolane also shares its expertise in dynamic programming, cross-compilation, and portable rapid development.Linux
Last, Evolane has several years of experience in developping and distributing search engines, ranging from smartphones or desktop databases to Web search engines for millions of URLs.
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